Category Archives for Paternity Testing Company Reviews Paternity Testing Review Paternity Testing Review Paternity Testing Review Paternity Testing Review Paternity Testing Review is one of the pioneer companies in home paternity testing, using IDENTIGENE to obtain the most reliable test results. With almost a quarter-century of paternity testing experience, IDENTIGENE provides a 100 percent reliability rate as long as the profiles are accurate. Although home paternity test results are not admissible in court, they are sufficiently reliable to either warrant professional testing or indicate that it isn’t necessary. IDENTIGENE’s tests are court-admissible as long as they are performed by an independent, third-party testing facility.

IDENTIGENE’s lab accreditations are among the highest in the world and the details are available on the website. is a reseller of the IDENTIGENE paternity test kit and it is available at over 20,000 locations throughout the U.S. Their website offers clear, easily understood directions on how to conduct the DNA specimens and how to submit them.

Included the the FAQ section are precautions to take when obtaining the DNA sample so that it doesn’t become contaminated during collection. Also Included in this section is a question on blood transfusions, the answer to which may preclude the accurate processing of the test.

Although the cost of the test is nominal, the lab fees are considerably more expensive, so the complete test will require a minimum of a 200 dollar investment. An advantage to IDENTIGENE’s testing method is that it uses a cheek swab rather than a blood test. Particularly for those who prefer not to submit blood samples, this is definitely a positive note.

Many DNA testing companies offer ancestral DNA results but no longer offers that service. Testing is now limited to DNA testing for maternity and paternity determination. Maternity testing uses the same procedure as paternity testing except that it focuses on the mother. Since no longer offers ancestral DNA testing services, its results cannot be used to determine possible inherited diseases, health issues, genetic abnormalities, or physical characteristics.

As with all products,’s paternity testing product IDENTIGENE has received both positive and negative customer reviews and for privacy reasons, the reviews were not verified by user purchase records. Some complaints seem to be more the fault of the user than of the product, and some complaints were that the product provided an answer that the user didn’t like. The best results seem to come when the product is delivered to the lab early in the week, which expedites processing and wait time. paternity testing website is user friendly and their questions are informative and helpful, covering most subjects adequately. IDENTIGENE appears to be one of the more cost-effective DNA maternity and paternity testing products on the market with a reasonable turn-around time. Since the kits are so easily available at retail stores and online, this appears to be one of the better resources for those who want or need maternity or paternity testing.


Labcorp Paternity Test Review

Labcorp Paternity Test Review

Labcorp was founded in 1978, and it is probably best known for its paternity testing. Although it is well known for paternity testing, Labcorp does get into other kinds of scientific business. It was one of the first labs to get into genomic testing, and it is now the largest lab to do so. Aside from DNA tests, Labcorp engages in plenty of molecular based lab tests, especially tests on viruses. The work Labcorp get involved in concerning HIV is well documented, even if it is not well known. It has reached out to a large customer base for its DNA testing, but paternity testing is far from the only DNA tests Labcorp offers.
Paternity and Other Testing Methods, Timetables and Cost

The paternity testing done by Labcorp has a court-quality, legal test, and the company provides a non-legal at-home kit. The legal testing accepeted by family courts for paternity are done on-site at any of the 900 Labcorp labs. The testing on-site provides what the court refers to as a chain of custody. The method of testing is a cheek swab, which is considered free from pain. Testing on the DNA samples begins the day the the test is done. It usually takes between three and five days to get a conclusive result back, and the tests are 99.99 percent accurate or better. The chain of custody testing is generally used to solve legal matters and custody cases in family courts from around the country. The test to solve paternity is $525 dollars, but other options such as adoption, twin tests and other vary. The fee schedule for legal testing can be found by clicking here.

The non-legal, but highly accurate method of at-home kit testing, is also provided by Labcorp. It can also offer families the chance to ease turmoil, which often pops up from family paternity dispute matters. A cheek swab method is done the same way, the results still take no less or longer than the court approved method and the results are 99.99 percent accurate or better, and single party kit runs the cost of $105. The entire gambit of at home testing fee schedules can be found by clicking here. DNA tests performed for use in a court case, such as child support or immigration, require a legal chain of custody and testing in an accredited laboratory.

Customer and Anonymous Employee Reviews of Labcorp

Customer reviews seem to vary, and so do the the anonymous reviews done by employees working for the company. The biggest complaint from customers has to do with pricing and miscommunication about prices.
Would I Recommend Labcorp

I would absolutely recommend them. I am biased though. I had a paternity test done to determine if a someone was my long-lost biological father. He was not, but I found out fairly quickly, and the work was done as advertised.

DNA Solutions

DNA Paternity Testing Review

DNA Paternity Testing Review
Are you wondering about the company This company uses low cost and high accuracy DNA paternity testing, and they offer it in discreet paternity testing packaging. The advantage of this company is that they have a customer care center that is open 24/7, and a confidential and interactive live chat feature if needed.

DNA Length of Time in Business

Originally established in 1998 in Beverly Hills, California, DNA Solutions Ltd performs DNA tests for paternity, but they also offer testing for relationships and ancestry. It depends on what you want, but the DNA paternity tests have been intended to bring customers greater peace of mind. The advantage of this testing is that they have an ISO accredited court approved testing that related to legal matters. When you use this company, you can rest assured that you will receive professional and reliable service.

Cost of the DNA Paternity Test

What makes this company stand out is how they pride themselves on their higher standards of DNA testing at a lower cost. For example, you can buy the premium test for $189. That will give an accurate confirmation of paternity, but it can also help with excluding paternity. A lot of companies are limited with analyzing just 12 to 16 different regions of DNA, but with the analysis from DNA Solutions, you receive an analysis of up to 18 DNA regions. It is one of the most accurate and most reputable tests in the United State.

How Does the Test Work

When it comes to the testing, DNA Solutions can look at DNA by swabbing the cheek or submitting the plucked hair of an individual. After the saliva or hair sample has been taken, the DNA will be sent to a paternity testing lab where they will look at the possibilities. The average turnaround time from the day of purchase is around nine days, and you can view the results by phone, email or mail, depending on your preferences.

Finding What You Need

The website itself is highly navigable and straightforward. For example, when you click on the page for paternity testing, below that information you will find an option to buy if desired. It does not take much to navigate the site to find what you are looking for, and if you have any questions, you can ask the live chat, and they respond very promptly.

The DNA ancestry test can look back more than 150,000 years, and it will look at as many as 7000 generations. Testing from DNA Solutions will look at the roots of a person’s ancestry and what route they took before they settled down. It can be helpful and fun knowledge to learn about.